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Ok so i’ve had a bit of a hiatus with the blogging.

Basically got full of cold and felt like crap and didnt really feel inspired to add anything more to this page.


Mon - Day 14 - Muesli, Gym, Run, Sniffle (should be fine)

Tues - Day 15 - Muesli, Gym, Weights, More Sniffles (Hmm now i’m worried)

Wed - Day 16 - Muesli, Help Statto move in to his new house, Run, Sneezy (Bugger)

Thursday - Day 17 - Muesli, Run, Weights, Sneezing like its going out of style (ARGGHH)

Friday - Day 18 - Muesli, Charity Gold Tournament, AND MY FACE IS JUST FALLING OFF SO FULL OF SNOT AND AWFULNESS WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Saturday - Day 19 - Cooked Breakfast, Run, Champions League Final, Sniffles

Sunday - Day 20 - Cooked Breakfast, Weights and Toning, Fallout New Vegas comes and ruins day. (In terms of productivity)

Monday - Day 21 - Big day on other fronts so take the day off.

Didn’t do the scheduled weigh-in. That’s for tomorrow.



Survival Sunday is here.

After the ‘Rapture’ of doing my 6k run yesterday I feel really good about my morning workout. Mouse has invited me over to his to watch all the relegation games on THREE SCREENS! He has far too much money that boy.

It’s a sad state of affairs now that when I go and visit friends now I come with my own little food entourage. I bring my own apple juice and nuts to be sure I can have something whilst I’m there. Mouse, who probably weighs no more than 1o stone, sits next to em and gorges on Creme Eggs.


Another run in the evening and it’s a quick one with me completeing the 3k in 18:51mins. Considering I wasn’t feeling my best after last nights debauchery im really pleased with the end result.

It’s fish for tea and me and Sammy try and be creative with how we present it. It goes well and is destroyed whilst catching up with The Doctor.

Work tomorrow, another weigh-in in two days.




The blister on my foot is now the size of St. James Park (may be an exaggeration) but makes me unable to walk anywhere without an intense amount of pain. My morning Gym session is limited to weights as I desperately wince every time I lower my foot.

There’s only one thing for it, it will have to be drained.

I get home and sterilise a needle in some boiling hot water and brace myself. This fucker is going to hurt.

Except it doesn’t…

I hardly feel a thing as a I drain, clean up and apply another Compeed to the area. To my surprise I can find I can walk again too. Miracle of Science!

Have a mean stir-fry to finish the day and promise myself I will have an extra long run tomorrow to celebrate.

I do know how to treat myself.


Its all back… All the energy I thought i’d lost has found me again.

I start the morning with a workout and destroy the Bowl of Delicious Muesli. (nom)

It’s during the morning workout I see that I’m developing a blister on the arch of my left foot. Blister plaster that mother pronto and its off to work.

I decide to treadmill it at the gym and I am actually flying. I’ve never been this pacey. I maintain a solid 9.5km/h for the 20mins I’m on. Treadmills seem to beat me up more than running, I guess its cos you are always running at the same pace. Its relentless.

Don’t feel the blister at all during the run but bugger me do I feel it at the end. I can barely walk it hurts so much at 5pm when I go home. I end up doing my Greg House impression as I walk home. I think it must be Lupus.

I have a prawn omelette for tea (posh) and decide to watch a bit of Band of Brothers. Realise halfway though I haven’t watched it in 2 years and still know it word for word.


Monday and back at work.

Sammy has a bad knee from Snowboarding but says she’s still keen to run on the evening.

Thinking that this must surely be lies I book myself last minute into a 45min spinning class.

Oh boy.

For those of you who are new to spinning this link should clear things up. It’s easily one of the hardest classes you can do indoors.

I haven’t been spinning in about a year and it shows, 5 mins in and I feel like I’m ready to hurl. 10 mins gone and I’m sweating like a dyslexic on Countdown.

The weird thing about doing exercise classes is how female dominated it is. There are 18 other people in here. The Male instructor and me make up all the y chromosomes in room. I make the fatal error of taking a bike at the back and suddenly there are 17 lady bottoms in front of me. I take out my rosary’s and say 17 Hail Mary’s and soldier on.

I’m close to dead by the end and vow to do this more, I’m a sadist like that.

At home, Sammy’s knee hasn’t got any better but says I should do the run anyways.

I’ve picked up some new running socks which im quite pleased with and i’m even more pleased with them when I clock 3k in 18:58 mins.

I’m in actual shock and a little weepy (not a very large y chromosome in this one) even back in the super fit Union days of running 10k have I been this quick.

Mystery Meat Monday (we couldn’t identify the meat we took out of the freezer the night before) turns out to be steak. Heaps of Broccoli and Carrots and no mash thank you end another hard day.

First weekly weigh in tomorrow!



So today was another snowboarding day and I start it as stiff as i’ve felt since I started this ridiculous challenge.

I have to do some major stretches just to move and I’m really worried my lesson is in jeopardy.

I feel much better as the evening draws closer. Me and Sammy bus it over to Castleford.

Due to the wonders of our national transport grid our options are to arrive an hour early and leave an hour late. We kill time by messing around in the arcade. Spending 4 pound to amass enough tickets to get the most ridiculous looking stress reliever, which now takes pride of place on top of the TV (retail value of about 20p)

I’m nervous again as I kit up. The lack of progress on going forward on Friday has got me worried.

Turns out I was being daft, one run and i’ve nailed it. 3 Runs later and i’ve come along enough to be certified as a pass by the Instructor.

I’m actually good at this… 

Celebratory Chinese meal (try doing that on a carbleight diet) and its another good day.


The time of Eurovision is upon us.

I promised myself I would have this day off but I find myself getting up and running anyway. For the lols I guess.

Anyways not much exercise today but I did resist some serious food temptations. ALL PARTY FOOD IS CARBS. That was todays lesson.

I don’t drink too much either which I’m pleased with too and have swapped the usual cider for vodka and apple juice.

In other news: Fuck Off Azerbaijan



Today I’m snowboarding so I count that as definitely one way I’m going to get a sweat on.

My beautiful Girlfriend bought me my lvl2 Snowboarding lesson for my Birthday, the only downside being I hadn’t quite passed my lvl1. A hastily booked practice session later and I’m on my way to Castleford Xscape.

Before hand however i play a game of squash against my boss. I haven’t played in months (running the LUU Squash League and playing you got to be serious) and it shows. My shot placement is awful and the sheer level of energy needed really gets me sweating.

At Castleford I’m sweating for a different reason - nerves.

I’m so desperate to be good at something sporty…

I suck at ALL sports (barring Golf but I’m told it doesn’t count) and I really want this to be a thing.

My Instructor Felicity informs me that no-one else is taking the session so it’s just me and her.

And what a revelation.

She immediately spots what I’m doing wrong and soon I’m stopping and starting backwards like a pro. We have a look at what i’ll be doing in my lvl2 briefly (same as lvl 1 only forwards) but my legs are spent and I can’t seem to get my head around it.

Still felt good and slept well that night that’s for sure. 


Woke up expecting to be in a severe amount of pain…

But the aches weren’t there, in fact I feel quite sprightly (aided by the fact it’s mine and Beccy’s one year anniversary) and by the time I chomp down my Bowl of Utterly Delicious Muesli I’m practically giddy.

I’ve got the day off and decide to celebrate with another run…

God it hurt, every inch every step was just agony. I daren’t look at my watch as I grimace every step. My lungs feel ready to explode, my legs ache and I’m sweating like a Lib-Dem Councillor on elections night (SATIRE)

I finish the 3k and look at my watch.



How could that have been faster, it was horrible, just the worst pain I have ever experienced and yet i’ve gone faster!!

That cheers me up no end.

I suit up and treat the woman I love to a meal at an Italian. Have you ever tried avoiding carbs in an Italian Restaurant? Welcome to Hell my friend. 


Today started off well with a bowl of utterly delicious muesli  (outright lie)

I felt good (small lie) and ready to start the day (lie)

After another Gym session I opt for Sushi for lunch as I’m still getting my head round the lack of carbs.

I go for a very late evening run and back to back runs have slowed me down considerably. This hurts and my times reflect this.

I do  3K run around my block and I average about 19:30 mins. Day 1 full of energy i complete it 19:22 good stuff.

Tonight its 19:57 and it feels like it. My everything hurts as I bath it up with a final meat based omelette.