Survival Sunday is here.

After the ‘Rapture’ of doing my 6k run yesterday I feel really good about my morning workout. Mouse has invited me over to his to watch all the relegation games on THREE SCREENS! He has far too much money that boy.

It’s a sad state of affairs now that when I go and visit friends now I come with my own little food entourage. I bring my own apple juice and nuts to be sure I can have something whilst I’m there. Mouse, who probably weighs no more than 1o stone, sits next to em and gorges on Creme Eggs.


Another run in the evening and it’s a quick one with me completeing the 3k in 18:51mins. Considering I wasn’t feeling my best after last nights debauchery im really pleased with the end result.

It’s fish for tea and me and Sammy try and be creative with how we present it. It goes well and is destroyed whilst catching up with The Doctor.

Work tomorrow, another weigh-in in two days.